Plumbed Water Coolers | Plumbed into your mains water supply

Plumbed Water Coolers offer customers a fixed cost solution to supplying drinking water in the workplace or at home. An unlimited supply of water filtered from your mains water supply and then either chilled or heated by your water cooler – 24/7.

Our range of plumbed water coolers is among the largest in the UK and we work very hard to keep our prices as competitive as possible. All our plumbed-in water coolers are available for purchase or rental and we are also able to supply customers with an installation service.

Plumbed Water Coolers are suitable for locations close to a mains water supply, otherwise we advise customers that a bottled water cooler may be a more suitable option.


If you decide to purchase a plumbed water cooler from us you will also need –

– Two choices of kit which allow customers to plumb your bottleless water cooler into the mains supply
– filter the mains-water of any impurities . Water filters need to be changed on a six monthly basis.

If you would like to see our range of bottled water coolers for sale please leave our site and visit our main website Drinking Waters. This link opens in a new window.