The Water Delivery Company

zenith-bottled-water-coolerOne of the companies who helped found Home Water Coolers is The Water Delivery Company – a company that was initially set up in 2003 as a company targetting the home water cooler market.

The Water Delivery Company is the leading supplier of bottled water coolers within London. Established in January 2003 to “deliver the highest quality spring water and water coolers to workplaces and homes at the most cost effective prices” it has¬† grown organically¬† to our current base of over 2500 water coolers. We remain privately owned and retain many of the same staff that helped start the business.

Our 6000 sq ft head office and distribution centre is based in Wimbledon from where we service all our customers within London. We also have a separate administration centre in Essex to cope with overflow demand. We currently have eleven vans & trucks covering London during every working day.

The association we have with The Water Delivery Company allows us to offer a very personalised service to customers within London – long after they have made the decision to take a water cooler through us.

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton

Robert Laughton is one of the founders of Drinking Waters ZA

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